MHX Classroom Helper 3.0 Unlimited Edition - May 2014

Purchase the full unlimited edition of MHX Classroom Helper 3.0. You can add 6 rosters, each with up to 31 students.

Click here to download the free version NO INSTALL VERSION.

Click here to download the free version INSTALL VERSION.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

Price for full version: $4.99 Canadian.

Sale is on now! Get it for $1.99!

Here is what MHX Classroom Helper is all about:

MHX Classroom Helper is a multi use tool for educators to help improve efficiency with everyday routines at school.

Tools included:

- Attendance

- Bank / Behavior Points

- Weather Station

- Literacy Station Tracker

- Traffic Colored Behavior Management

- Hot Lunch Menu

and more!