Here is what MHX Mental Math Jump Start is all about:

MHX Mental Math Jump Start is a fun way for students to review mental math in preparation for a mental math test. The main portion of the program allows students to customize a review just for their skill level, allowing them to pick what type of facts they want to work on (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), or a mix of all. They can also select how easy or hard the questions will be by choosing difficulty 1-5 (1 is easiest, 5 is hardest). The program is designed to build confidence and make the review fun, yet building on the users mental math skills. It does this by monitoring how well the user completes the questions. If they struggle on a specific difficulty the program will ask them if the want to reduce the difficulty, or if they are doing well, the program will challenge them to try a harder level.

The program also allows the  users work to be saved to the computer or printed out. This way the user, user's parent, or user's teacher can see how well the student did on each difficulty setting. Helpful information includes the questions they completed and not completed, how long it took them to complete the series of questions, and how long it took them to answer each individual question.

The program is colorful and engaging, but is easy enough for anyone to use. The mental math review includes targets the user can click on to generate a random question.

Cost: $4.99 Canadian.

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